Lawmakers Mull Over What the Future of the Permanent Fund Will Look Like

Lawmakers have no shortage of options and approaches when it comes to modifying the Permanent Fund to comply with the times. Here's a look at some currently making their way through the legislature.

“Better Than Netflix”: Senate Finance Votes to Pay Full PFD, Lock Away $12 Billion

“By moving this money, we protect it for future generations, and we force the conversation of redefining how the dividend is calculated," said Sen. Natasha von Imhof (R-Anchorage).

Senate Finance Takes Last Look at PFD Scenarios Before Amending Budget

The only scenario considered Thursday that balances the budget, maintains government services, grows savings, and pays a $2,000+ PFD is Sen. Bill Wielechowski's (D-Anchorage) repeal of per-barrel oil tax credits.

House Passes Bill to Help Veterans Qualify for State Jobs

“This legislation would provide certainty to our veterans, ensuring that their military experience would count irrespective of any change in administrations," said Rep. Andi Story (D-Juneau).

Statewide Anti-Discrimination Bill Clears First Hurdle in House (Again)

Tuesday afternoon, the House State Affairs Committee passed a statewide anti-discrimination bill protecting LGBTQ+ Alaskans. It's only the second time such a bill has cleared the hurdle.

Legislature’s Expert Says Budget is “Advantage House,” Except for PFDs

Legislative Finance Director David Teal said the House budget is not a "doomsday scenario." It's actually more "sustainable, predictable, and affordable" than Dunleavy's plan.

Senate Subcommittees Near House Budget, Cuts to Ferries and Medicaid Must Be Reconciled

A new committee substitute adopted Monday preserves K-12 funding and school bond debt reimbursement. The House sought to cut the latter by 50 percent.

Wednesday’s Marathon Confirmation Hearings Weren’t Designed to be Surprising

A marathon, nearly nine-hour joint session of the legislature saw confirmation of Gov. Dunleavy's Cabinet. It was not without controversy, but also not without an unexpected outcome.

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