Bill Would Extend Moratorium on New School Construction Reimbursement

“I’m likely to support this bill, but I want it clear that I do it with sadness because I think there’s been a lack of resolve since 2015 to have a comprehensive fiscal plan,” Rep. Andy Josephson (D-Anchorage) said.

Budget Substitute Forward-Funds Education, Doesn’t Address PFD

House Finance undid most of Dunleavy's structural changes to the budget, making it more transparent, according to Legislative Finance.

Senate Finance Debates Change to PFD Formula Ahead of Bill Introduction

"I value both the individual and the community," Sen. Natasha von Imhof (R-Anchorage) said, arguing for a PFD formula change.

Dunleavy’s Budget Roadshow Presses on as Protests Mount

Alaskans have been showing up at listening sessions to vocally oppose Gov. Dunleavy's proposed budget. Tuesday evening, Anchorage residents took to the street.

Legislative Update with Special Guest, former State Rep. Jason Grenn

John Aronno and Craig Tuten speak with former State Rep. Jason Grenn (I-Anchorage) and discuss the legislative session, the budget, and more.

Debate Over VPSO Funding Turns Into Rural Vs. Urban Alaska

Rep. Kelly Merrick (R-Eagle River) said it is offensive to suggest that her votes to cut VPSOs mean she has less regard for public safety in rural Alaska.

Another Dunleavy Appointment Hits Snag when Legislators Notice He’s on Twitter

“You know, I don't really understand the Twitter,” Gubernatorial appointee Michael Tavoliero offered in defense of anti-Muslim comments made on social media.

Senate Committee Hears Bill to Green-Light Citizen-Initiated Grand Juries

Senate Judiciary heard a bill that would allow citizens to petition for grand juries, a move lawmakers are concerned could open "Pandora's Box."

Budget Would Cut Grants That Provide Food and Shelter to Alaskans in Need

Even a small budget cut can take food and shelter from vulnerable Alaskans. Sen. Lora Reinbold (R-Eagle River) announced, "I'm actually happy to see a cut here."

Teachers Say Constitutional Amendment Would Improve Retention, Student Outcomes

Teachers came prepared to talk about budget uncertainty and teacher retention. But Sen. Chris Birch wanted to talk about unions.
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