House Passes Budget Including Dairy Inspector, Begins Informal PFD Debate

The House passed the operating budget along caucus lines Thursday, April 11, after restoring funding for a State dairy inspector and school bond debt reimbursement.

House Votes to Protect Ferries and Fisheries, But Can’t Restore Dairies

The House debated substantive amendments to the operating budget Wednesday, April 10, rejecting cuts to the Alaska Marine Highway System and Medicaid.

First House Budget Amendments Fail to Address Deficit

Most of the amendments were unenforceable intent language offered by Rep. David Eastman (R-Wasilla). They were eventually ruled out of order.

Moratorium on School Bond Debt Reimbursement Heads to House Floor

“Given the current political lay of the land, this bill makes sense. But... the State is going to need new revenue someday,” said Rep. Andy Josephson (D-Anchorage).

The Alaska Supreme Court Has Thrice Struck Down Anti-Abortion Language Adopted into Budget

Rep. Cathy Tilton (R-Wasilla) added a budget amendment barring Medicaid reimbursements for abortions, despite the State Supreme Court striking such restrictions multiple times.

Pre-K Survives Cuts, While Medicaid Sustains a Compromise Reduction

Rep. Ben Carpenter (R-Nikiski) said that rather than fund dyslexia screening, he could check out a library book to learn to recognize dyslexia. He then moved to cut library operations.

Dunleavy’s Constitutional Amendment Requiring Voter Approval for Taxes Could Allow Legislature to Override Public...

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee voiced concerns over a provision in Gov. Dunleavy's Americans for Prosperity-backed constitutional amendment that would give lawmakers veto power over tax-related voter initiatives.

Most Dunleavy Cuts Held at Bay in First Day of House Finance Amendments

House Finance voted to keep forward-funding of public education, but it voted to cut all school bond debt reimbursement.

House Finance Skeptical of Dunleavy Capital Priorities

Committee members struggled with building a new Denali visitor center when there is a $9 billion backlog of deferred maintenance.

Dunleavy’s Proposed Spending Cap Faces Constitutional Concerns in Senate Judiciary

The legislature's counsel is raising questions as to whether or not Gov. Dunleavy's proposed spending cap is a constitutional amendment or revision.
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