Unconstitutional Budget Language Would Expand Executive Authority

The budget language is just the latest attempt by the Dunleavy administration to expand executive power at the expense of the legislature.

Senate Finance Hears “Efficiencies” Enough to Forward Appointees

John Quick, commissioner-designee for the Department of Administration, had little to offer senators Tuesday, except "efficiencies." They moved his nomination to the next step anyway.

Senate Finance Looks at Public Retirement Unfunded Liability

Alaska is still cleaning up the mess an actuary left of the public retirement system. Sen. Bert Stedman used his institutional knowledge to explain the legislature's responses.

Senate Considers Medicaid Work Requirements Despite Concerning Record

Senate Finance held its first hearing on Senate Bill 7, sponsored by Sen. Peter Micciche, proposing major changes to Alaska's Medicaid System. The requirements have proven problematic in other states.

Budget Poised to Hurt Farmers, Fishers, Hunters, and Miners

Gov. Dunleavy has promoted natural resource development as an answer to the recession, but his budget hits small business that do just that. Meanwhile, he plans to scrap the Ocean Ranger program that checks cruise industry pollution.

Dunleavy Administration Proposes to Double Rates for Pioneer Homes

Rather than phase in the rate hike, APH decided to "just do it." But OMB tricks make it look like the Pioneer Homes budget is actually growing.

Senators Concerned Education Cuts Will Raise Local Taxes, Violate Laws

Senators' concerns range from the constitutionality of the education cuts to the resulting increase in local taxes. The administration's claims that the budget doesn't raise taxes are "not a fact," they say.

Bill Renewing State Immunization Program Clears Second Hurdle in Senate

A bill reauthorizing the statewide immunization program, tasked with purchasing childhood vaccines and some adult vaccines for distribution across the state, has cleared another committee in the Senate.

Nike Site Summit and Anchorage’s Cold War History

John Aronno and Craig Tuten are joined in studio by Ivan Hodes, an Anchorage teacher, Iraq War Veteran, and member...

First House Budget Amendments Fail to Address Deficit

Most of the amendments were unenforceable intent language offered by Rep. David Eastman (R-Wasilla). They were eventually ruled out of order.
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