Senate Delays Debate on Bill to Rewrite PFD Formula

It is likely that the version of SB 103 that emerges from Senate Rules will tilt the POMV split more toward government services.

Tiny Capital Budget Aims to Sell Ferries, But Allows for New Denali Visitor Center

Alaskans testified against cuts to ferries, public transportation, and housing assistance.

Senate Finance Hears “Efficiencies” Enough to Forward Appointees

John Quick, commissioner-designee for the Department of Administration, had little to offer senators Tuesday, except "efficiencies." They moved his nomination to the next step anyway.

Budget Would Cut Grants That Provide Food and Shelter to Alaskans in Need

Even a small budget cut can take food and shelter from vulnerable Alaskans. Sen. Lora Reinbold (R-Eagle River) announced, "I'm actually happy to see a cut here."

Governor Proposes $23 million in Education Cuts for Current Fiscal Year

Proposed $23 million cuts to education have surprised legislators and school districts alike. Additional cuts to VPSOs undermine Gov. Dunleavy's public safety message.

State Debt Overview Puts PFD in the Crosshairs

A presentation by the State debt manager failed to account for PFDs, painting an inaccurately rosy picture of State finances. Senate Finance was having none of it.

Unconstitutional Budget Language Would Expand Executive Authority

The budget language is just the latest attempt by the Dunleavy administration to expand executive power at the expense of the legislature.

House Passes Budget Including Dairy Inspector, Begins Informal PFD Debate

The House passed the operating budget along caucus lines Thursday, April 11, after restoring funding for a State dairy inspector and school bond debt reimbursement.

Rep. Knopp’s Nomination for Speaker Fails as House Republicans Cry Foul

The surprise nomination of Rep. Gary Knopp (R-Kenai) for speaker of the House failed, but the scars will complicate Republican efforts to form a majority during this legislature.

Dunleavy’s Pick for Marijuana Control Board has ‘Green Rush’ Seeing Red

During a Senate hearing, controversial Marijuana Control Board nominee Vivian Stiver faced vocal opposition from the marijuana industry and its proponents.
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