Budget Poised to Hurt Farmers, Fishers, Hunters, and Miners

Gov. Dunleavy has promoted natural resource development as an answer to the recession, but his budget hits small business that do just that. Meanwhile, he plans to scrap the Ocean Ranger program that checks cruise industry pollution.

Senators Concerned Education Cuts Will Raise Local Taxes, Violate Laws

Senators' concerns range from the constitutionality of the education cuts to the resulting increase in local taxes. The administration's claims that the budget doesn't raise taxes are "not a fact," they say.

Package of Bills Aimed at Public Safety Headed to Senate

After taking an aggressive posture towards crime during his first State of the State address, Gov. Dunleavy offered a more in depth look at his crime-fighting policy proposals.

Another Dunleavy Appointment Hits Snag when Legislators Notice He’s on Twitter

“You know, I don't really understand the Twitter,” Gubernatorial appointee Michael Tavoliero offered in defense of anti-Muslim comments made on social media.

Dunleavy’s Constitutional Amendment Requiring Voter Approval for Taxes Could Allow Legislature to Override Public...

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee voiced concerns over a provision in Gov. Dunleavy's Americans for Prosperity-backed constitutional amendment that would give lawmakers veto power over tax-related voter initiatives.

House Passes Budget Including Dairy Inspector, Begins Informal PFD Debate

The House passed the operating budget along caucus lines Thursday, April 11, after restoring funding for a State dairy inspector and school bond debt reimbursement.

Senate Finance Introduces Statutory Spending Cap, Hinting Movement Away from a Constitutional Amendment

Sen. Natasha von Imhof introduced a statutory spending cap in Senate Finance, hinting that the legislature might prefer stopping short of Gov. Dunleavy's preferred method of a constitutional amendment.

Disappointment Greets Dunleavy Administration’s Economic Analysis

Senators expected an economic analysis of Dunleavy's budget cuts. Instead, they got "non-answers" and "gibberish."

Senate Delays Debate on Bill to Rewrite PFD Formula

It is likely that the version of SB 103 that emerges from Senate Rules will tilt the POMV split more toward government services.

House Votes to Protect Ferries and Fisheries, But Can’t Restore Dairies

The House debated substantive amendments to the operating budget Wednesday, April 10, rejecting cuts to the Alaska Marine Highway System and Medicaid.
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