Teachers Say Constitutional Amendment Would Improve Retention, Student Outcomes

Teachers came prepared to talk about budget uncertainty and teacher retention. But Sen. Chris Birch wanted to talk about unions.

Bill Renewing State Immunization Program Clears Second Hurdle in Senate

A bill reauthorizing the statewide immunization program, tasked with purchasing childhood vaccines and some adult vaccines for distribution across the state, has cleared another committee in the Senate.

Tiny Capital Budget Aims to Sell Ferries, But Allows for New Denali Visitor Center

Alaskans testified against cuts to ferries, public transportation, and housing assistance.

Senate Dems Say Dunleavy’s Budget Hurts Seniors and Vulnerable Alaskans

The Senate minority will likely have to choose how best to help vulnerable Alaskans -- government programs or the PFD -- to prevent vetoes.

Dunleavy Administration Proposes to Double Rates for Pioneer Homes

Rather than phase in the rate hike, APH decided to "just do it." But OMB tricks make it look like the Pioneer Homes budget is actually growing.

ISER Economist Predicts Recession Will Become State’s Worst if Budget Passes

Two economists showed up to a duel. One brought data. The other brought theory.

More Problematic Nominees Perplex Legislators Tasked with Confirming Them

Two of the governor's nominees faced sharp criticism from lawmakers, questioning ties to a convicted sex offender and ghost-hunting. Yes. Ghost-hunting.

Disappointment Greets Dunleavy Administration’s Economic Analysis

Senators expected an economic analysis of Dunleavy's budget cuts. Instead, they got "non-answers" and "gibberish."

Bill Aimed at Closing ‘Schneider Loopholes’ on the Move in the Senate

A bill aimed at closing loopholes in sex crimes laws, which allowed convicted felon Justin Schneider to go free, has passed its first hurdle in the legislature.

PODCAST: Legislative Update, Day 45

John Aronno and Craig Tuten go through the latest updates on Alaska's legislative session, John sits down with Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii Legislative Liaison Alyson Currey, and a special message to Fairbanks City Mayor Jim Matherly.
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