Dunleavy Budget Plan Would Lead to Less Transparency

OMB Dir. Donna Arduin argues State fund sources should be combined so Alaskans can understand how money is spent. Senators and Legislative Finance say that would allow more budget games.

Gov. Dunleavy Embraces Populist Approach in First State of the State Address

Gov. Michael J. Dunleavy was tough on crime, heavy on populist rhetoric, and skipped education altogether in his first State of the State address.

Senate Finance Hears “Efficiencies” Enough to Forward Appointees

John Quick, commissioner-designee for the Department of Administration, had little to offer senators Tuesday, except "efficiencies." They moved his nomination to the next step anyway.

PFD Payback Proposals Stir Constitutional Concerns

Proposals from Gov. Mike Dunleavy and Sen. Bill Wielechowski aim to restore Permanent Fund Dividends from recent years, and are all but sure to face court challenges.

House to Try Working as Negotiations Continue

House members will hold informal hearings while they try to organize. They look to the State of the State address for clues on Gov. Dunleavy's budget.

Projections Show Oil Won’t Address Budget Deficit

The Department of Natural Resources projects there will not be more oil production than there is now. Republicans and Democrats agree there must be another solution to the deficit.

Senate Starts to Look at Deficit as Governor’s PFD Proposal Would Grow It

Declining oil prices and larger proposed PFDs have legislators facing a $1.6 billion deficit. New PFD bills from Gov. Mike Dunleavy would increase the deficit to $2.2 billion.

House a Shambles as 31st Legislature Gavels In

The House's failure to find a majority caucus means no staff, no committee hearings, and delayed work on the budget. Add it together and you get a session that will likely run long.
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