Budget Substitute Forward-Funds Education, Doesn’t Address PFD

House Finance undid most of Dunleavy's structural changes to the budget, making it more transparent, according to Legislative Finance.

Dunleavy’s Proposed Spending Cap Faces Constitutional Concerns in Senate Judiciary

The legislature's counsel is raising questions as to whether or not Gov. Dunleavy's proposed spending cap is a constitutional amendment or revision.

Dunleavy Budget Plan Would Lead to Less Transparency

OMB Dir. Donna Arduin argues State fund sources should be combined so Alaskans can understand how money is spent. Senators and Legislative Finance say that would allow more budget games.

Without Policy Backing, Health Budget Set to Drain State Savings Account

Gov. Dunleavy's DHSS budget is likely to concern seniors and low-income Alaskans who depend on State aid, but the $300 million potential hole spooks legislators, too.

Senate Democrats Have Harsh Words for Dunleavy and Arduin Over Supplemental Budget

Senate Democrats say Gov. Dunleavy is breaking a promise with his proposed $23 million cut to education, but his OMB director is "the one with the hatchet."

House Finance Set to Take Public Testimony on the Budget

In total, House subcommittees recommended a $38 million reduction to FY 2019 levels of unrestricted general fund (UGF) spending on agency operations.

House Finance Skeptical of Dunleavy Capital Priorities

Committee members struggled with building a new Denali visitor center when there is a $9 billion backlog of deferred maintenance.

Dunleavy Budget Would Mean Tapping Permanent Fund in a Cash Crisis

Gov. Dunleavy's budget would force the State to tap the Permanent Fund if oil prices drop or recession hits, just to be able to pay its bills.

$1 Billion in Cuts and Still a Structural Deficit: What’s In the New FY...

Gov. Dunleavy campaigned on a limited platform. He stood in support of education, promised to be tough on crime, and argued for a full Permanent Fund dividend. Wednesday, he also said he ran on a platform of fixing the budget.

New Capital Budget Protects Ferries, Doesn’t Fully Fund Denali Visitor Center

The budget repudiates Dunleavy's plan to end ferry service. It protects replacement funds for the Trusty Tusty and says that if any ferries are sold, proceeds must be deposited in the vessel replacement fund.
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