Talerico Says House Should Organize Under Republican Leadership

Rep. Dave Talerico (R-Healy) again says House organization is near, and it should happen under Republican leadership.

House Finance Wraps Up Budget Subcommittee Reports, Public Testimony

The House Finance Committee received its final subcommittee reports Tuesday, March 26, including from the departments Gov. Mike Dunleavy proposed to cut the deepest.

Tiny Capital Budget Aims to Sell Ferries, But Allows for New Denali Visitor Center

Alaskans testified against cuts to ferries, public transportation, and housing assistance.

Dunleavy’s Proposed Spending Cap Faces Constitutional Concerns in Senate Judiciary

The legislature's counsel is raising questions as to whether or not Gov. Dunleavy's proposed spending cap is a constitutional amendment or revision.

Senate Briefed on Recent Loss of UAA Education Program Accreditation

UAA's School of Education lost accreditation for its largest programs. UA President Jim Johnsen called it "a fundamental failure." A long-term fix has not been identified.

House Finance Set to Take Public Testimony on the Budget

In total, House subcommittees recommended a $38 million reduction to FY 2019 levels of unrestricted general fund (UGF) spending on agency operations.

New Capital Budget Protects Ferries, Doesn’t Fully Fund Denali Visitor Center

The budget repudiates Dunleavy's plan to end ferry service. It protects replacement funds for the Trusty Tusty and says that if any ferries are sold, proceeds must be deposited in the vessel replacement fund.

Dunleavy Administration Proposes to Double Rates for Pioneer Homes

Rather than phase in the rate hike, APH decided to "just do it." But OMB tricks make it look like the Pioneer Homes budget is actually growing.

Lawmakers Mull Over What the Future of the Permanent Fund Will Look Like

Lawmakers have no shortage of options and approaches when it comes to modifying the Permanent Fund to comply with the times. Here's a look at some currently making their way through the legislature.

Unconstitutional Budget Language Would Expand Executive Authority

The budget language is just the latest attempt by the Dunleavy administration to expand executive power at the expense of the legislature.
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