Disappointment Greets Dunleavy Administration’s Economic Analysis

Senators expected an economic analysis of Dunleavy's budget cuts. Instead, they got "non-answers" and "gibberish."

Budget Poised to Hurt Farmers, Fishers, Hunters, and Miners

Gov. Dunleavy has promoted natural resource development as an answer to the recession, but his budget hits small business that do just that. Meanwhile, he plans to scrap the Ocean Ranger program that checks cruise industry pollution.

House Finance Moves Budget to Floor With Cuts to University and Ferries

House Finance rejected Rep. Colleen Sullivan-Leonard's (R-Wasilla) attempt to cut an additional $41 million from AMHS and $56 million from the University.

Budget Would Cut Grants That Provide Food and Shelter to Alaskans in Need

Even a small budget cut can take food and shelter from vulnerable Alaskans. Sen. Lora Reinbold (R-Eagle River) announced, "I'm actually happy to see a cut here."

Talerico Says House Should Organize Under Republican Leadership

Rep. Dave Talerico (R-Healy) again says House organization is near, and it should happen under Republican leadership.

Senate Delays Debate on Bill to Rewrite PFD Formula

It is likely that the version of SB 103 that emerges from Senate Rules will tilt the POMV split more toward government services.

Senators Say Dunleavy’s “War on Criminals” is Lip Service

Gov. Dunleavy has declared "War on Criminals," but his budget proposes to cut the departments of Law and Corrections. Senate Finance members called him out.

“Better Than Netflix”: Senate Finance Votes to Pay Full PFD, Lock Away $12 Billion

“By moving this money, we protect it for future generations, and we force the conversation of redefining how the dividend is calculated," said Sen. Natasha von Imhof (R-Anchorage).

One Last Hurrah?: Senate Passes Full PFD, But Bill Pending to Change Formula

The biggest outstanding question is how to fill a $1.2 billion deficit generated by a full PFD.

House a Shambles as 31st Legislature Gavels In

The House's failure to find a majority caucus means no staff, no committee hearings, and delayed work on the budget. Add it together and you get a session that will likely run long.
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