Unconstitutional Budget Language Would Expand Executive Authority

The budget language is just the latest attempt by the Dunleavy administration to expand executive power at the expense of the legislature.

Dunleavy Budget Would Mean Tapping Permanent Fund in a Cash Crisis

Gov. Dunleavy's budget would force the State to tap the Permanent Fund if oil prices drop or recession hits, just to be able to pay its bills.

Budget Poised to Hurt Farmers, Fishers, Hunters, and Miners

Gov. Dunleavy has promoted natural resource development as an answer to the recession, but his budget hits small business that do just that. Meanwhile, he plans to scrap the Ocean Ranger program that checks cruise industry pollution.

Senate Considers Medicaid Work Requirements Despite Concerning Record

Senate Finance held its first hearing on Senate Bill 7, sponsored by Sen. Peter Micciche, proposing major changes to Alaska's Medicaid System. The requirements have proven problematic in other states.

Gov. Dunleavy Embraces Populist Approach in First State of the State Address

Gov. Michael J. Dunleavy was tough on crime, heavy on populist rhetoric, and skipped education altogether in his first State of the State address.

PFD Payback Proposals Stir Constitutional Concerns

Proposals from Gov. Mike Dunleavy and Sen. Bill Wielechowski aim to restore Permanent Fund Dividends from recent years, and are all but sure to face court challenges.

Senate Finance Introduces Statutory Spending Cap, Hinting Movement Away from a Constitutional Amendment

Sen. Natasha von Imhof introduced a statutory spending cap in Senate Finance, hinting that the legislature might prefer stopping short of Gov. Dunleavy's preferred method of a constitutional amendment.

House to Try Working as Negotiations Continue

House members will hold informal hearings while they try to organize. They look to the State of the State address for clues on Gov. Dunleavy's budget.

Students Tell Senators They Fear for Quality of Education

Rural school board members told senators that they have cut everything that they can. Students said it's affecting their lives.

House a Shambles as 31st Legislature Gavels In

The House's failure to find a majority caucus means no staff, no committee hearings, and delayed work on the budget. Add it together and you get a session that will likely run long.
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