Dunleavy Administration Refuses to Acknowledge Deficit or Impact of Budget Cuts

OMB Dir. Arduin would not comment on how taking $400 million in oil property taxes from communities would affect them. She said the private sector will step up to fill gaps in government spending, prompting comparisons to the administration of Herbert Hoover.

$1 Billion in Cuts and Still a Structural Deficit: What’s In the New FY...

Gov. Dunleavy campaigned on a limited platform. He stood in support of education, promised to be tough on crime, and argued for a full Permanent Fund dividend. Wednesday, he also said he ran on a platform of fixing the budget.

Students Tell Senators They Fear for Quality of Education

Rural school board members told senators that they have cut everything that they can. Students said it's affecting their lives.

House Members Hammer OMB Director for Education Cuts

In a House meeting, OMB acknowledged education is not a top priority as they seek $20 million in cuts. The Dunleavy administration may hold the money until the end of the fiscal year if it doesn't get what it wants.

Senators Express Concern over Cost of Dunleavy’s PFD Payback Plan

Members of the Senate State Affairs Committee offered a cold reception to Governor Michael J. Dunleavy's proposals aimed at paving the way to a Permanent Fund Dividend payback.

Senate Briefed on Recent Loss of UAA Education Program Accreditation

UAA's School of Education lost accreditation for its largest programs. UA President Jim Johnsen called it "a fundamental failure." A long-term fix has not been identified.

State Debt Overview Puts PFD in the Crosshairs

A presentation by the State debt manager failed to account for PFDs, painting an inaccurately rosy picture of State finances. Senate Finance was having none of it.

Senate Democrats Have Harsh Words for Dunleavy and Arduin Over Supplemental Budget

Senate Democrats say Gov. Dunleavy is breaking a promise with his proposed $23 million cut to education, but his OMB director is "the one with the hatchet."

Senate Finance Looks at Public Retirement Unfunded Liability

Alaska is still cleaning up the mess an actuary left of the public retirement system. Sen. Bert Stedman used his institutional knowledge to explain the legislature's responses.

Governor Proposes $23 million in Education Cuts for Current Fiscal Year

Proposed $23 million cuts to education have surprised legislators and school districts alike. Additional cuts to VPSOs undermine Gov. Dunleavy's public safety message.
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